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Specializing in Custom Sprinter Vans, Sprinter RV, Expediter Packages,  Nissan NV  NV200 NV2500 NV1500  NV3500, Camper Van, Class B, Rental, Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit T150 T250 T350, Fiat Dodge Ram ProMaster Ducato Doblo, Honda Element Campers, Custom Motorcycle Trailers, Toy Haulers, Minivan Camper, Campervans, Dodge Caravan and VW Routan Micro Camper

.Custom Interior Design and Construction IKEA Kitchen, Office, Design, Assembly, Installation.

Robert Morehead 828-215-7359 robertmorehead@hotmail.com

You Have Problems I Have Solutions.

You Have Ideas, I Can Make It Happen.


Morehead Design Laboratories | 

The laboratory was started from my desire to make the things I need and design a reality.

Whether it is as simple at a closet organizer or as complex as a custom camper, I will have solutions.

My industrious and innovative designs are tempered with value.  If I am not willing to spend the money on it how can I expect you to.

This process has lead me to become very multi-talented and capable. 



Growing up on a small family farm one learns the tasks and skills necessary to be self sufficient.  If you need something you design and build it. 

On the farm we had the ability to manipulate all types of material:

        • Metal Shop
        • Wood Shop
        • Heavy Equipment
        • Every Tool Needed

In addition to the normal farm activities my father is also a master cabinetmaker.  I have spent years observing his skill and I am now following in his creative footsteps.

 After leaving the confines of a small mid-west town, I have been consistently involved in creative pursuits.  I have eight years of formal fine arts training in all media and an abandoned pursuit of a materials engineering degree.  I also have a long history of community service and employment with international service corporations.  All this adds up to a lifetime of creativity and learning.



If you have a problem I have solutions!

  • custom Sprinter van RV
  • custom camper motorcycle trailers
  • interior design
  • heavy sewing
  • light sewing
  • product design
  • bicycle accessories
  • design build
  • furniture
  • space planning


Robert H. Morehead



Lab Location:

 180 South Mills River Rd

Mills River NC 28759  



Reimo European RV supplier

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